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What are Illuminated Channel Letters?

Illuminated channel letters are usually made from aluminium and have acrylic facing so light permeates their surface and projects the colour of their facing. Illuminated letters can be used to complement other types of outdoor business signs, like a company logo, or stand alone as a storefront’s primary signage. They can also be used inside, though they are more commonly used on the exterior of buildings to attract customers.

3D Channel Letter Signs
3D Channel Letter Signs

Illuminated Channel letters are three-dimensional text, usually 6cm or 9cm deep, that can be customized into a variety of fonts, colours, and sizes. They are often used as a building’s primary outdoor signage, adorning the storefront, or haling by-passers out near the road. Because of their depth, channel letters really stand out – literally.

This is especially true of the illuminated versions, which are either front or backlit with LED lights to make them clear and distinct in any visibility.

The Depth of Custom Letters Attracts Attention

Channel letters are more appealing than flat lettering. The difference is clear to see, thanks to a three-dimensional profile created by an extend return that pushes the face out from a wall or sign base. Depths are fully customizable to get the impact you are looking for. Most custom letters range from 6cm or 9cm in depth.

Channel letter signs are more than just essential branding tools. They raise engagement and awareness and can make the difference between business growth and stagnation. Channel letters can boost walk-in traffic and improve your bottom line. For the best custom letters and channel lit signs, it’s time to talk to us.

Channel letter signs are comprised of several key elements, all of which are customizable.

  • The face and rear of each channel letter (typically made from acrylic).
  • The return (side) of each letter.
  • The interior lighting element (LED is the most efficient lighting solution).
  • Channel letters can aid your business in several ways…
  • It will be easier to identify your business from the roadside or a parking lot.
  • New customers will be attracted to your business when you have impactful channel letter signs.
  • Custom letters can help your business to stand out from similar businesses within the same commercial space.
  • Channel letters can be lit internally to create a glowing effect that is highly visible at night or in low light conditions.

All Channel Letter Quotes are specific for the premises.

We proudly provide custom channel letter signs to businesses in South Africa.

If you’re looking for a business sign to showcase your company name in bold, striking style, get in touch with us. We’ll assess your needs and provide a quote for your project.

3D Channel Letters

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